1Password apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad receive major updates

Password manager 1Password has been updated, for the Mac as well as the iPhone and iPad. The iOS update focuses on making 1Password more powerful with tools like a new login creator and one-time passwords, while 1Password for Mac receives a lot of important updates to syncing, as well as other additions.

1Password for iPhone features a new Login Creator, which makes it easy to create logins for your favorite sites and services. Tap the '+' button in the top right corner, select Login, and you'll see the list. Type the login name, and you'll most likely be presented with the item that you're looking for. Select what you need, and the login creator will guide you through creating your login item.

For iOS users that have activated 1Pasword's Pro features, you'll now be able to use two-factor authentication right from the app. You can, for instance, open up your Google login item, hit Edit, then add a new one-time password. Tap the QR code to use 1Password with ever-changing authentication keys.

The iOS update also contains a number of other enhancements, such as syncing of Master Password changes made on a Mac to iOS, as well as changes to backups synchronized with iTunes for Windows.

On the Mac side of things, its mostly about syncing. You can now see all of your vaults, and their sync status, and easily setup new vaults for syncing. You can now decide which vaults will be included or excluded from Wi-Fi syncing, and secondary vaults can now sync to 1Password on iOS. You can even decide to exclude all or some of your secondary vaults from syncing at all.

Other enhancements include more clearer Watchtower alerts for changing your passwords, as well as proper formatting of credit card numbers. 1Password for Mac now also supports Portuguese.

You can download 1Password 5.1 for Mac from the Mac App Store, and 1Password 5.2 for iPhone and iPad from the App Store right now.

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Joseph Keller

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