Yosemite 1Password on MacBook ProSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • There's a 1Password beta ready and waiting for M1 Mac owners.

Popular password manager 1Password has a new beta out complete with support for Apple silicon. Anyone running an M1-powered Mac can go and download the new beta right now.

The announcement came via blog post earlier this week with founder Dave Teare saying that you can look forward to using 1Password on your new M1 Mac – even if you don't want to resort to running a beta version. Rosetta 2 does a fine job emulating x86, it turns out.

My heart sank a little as hardware emulation is often slow. Upon launching, however, I was surprised to find 1Password launched as fast as ever. This was an incredible delight for sure. Apple really hit the mark here and the developer in me is very thankful they made this transition so smooth.

The blog post also includes a video of 1Password running as a universal app on a 13-inch MacBook Pro. It's fair to say the performance is nothing short of snappy!

The very best experience will clearly be had by those running Apple silicon and the beta, but it's good to know that those running the production releases will continue to see the performance they've come to expect over the years.

Right now Apple only sells three Macs with Apple silicon inside, but that's going to change pretty quickly. Developers like those at 1Password are already working to get ahead of the game and so far, so good.

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