1Password on Mac becomes even smarter with latest update

The Mac version of 1Password just received a v7.3 update earlier this week, and it makes my favorite password manager better than ever.

1Password Mac Apps

First of all, the update brings some nice changes to 1Password Mini, which lives in the menu bar. It's been redesigned from the ground up to make it easier to get your information out of 1Password and into the places you want it to go. An example of this is when you drag-and-drop your username out of 1Password Mini into a supported app—just watch as the 1Password Mini window instantly fades away.

Speaking of, 1Password Mini will now recognize other third-party apps and will show you your relevant information when you need it. These apps that 1Password recognizes include Discord, Evernote, Adobe Creative Cloud accounts within apps like Photoshop, and more.

1Password mini search results

1Password also has a new, all-powerful "filling brain." This is powered by on-device machine learning. What this means is that 1Password will analyze webpages while you're on them, and suggest items that you'll likely need on that page. For example, if you're doing some online shopping, 1Password Mini will get your credit card information ready when called upon.

The 7.3 update brings many more changes, and if you'd like to read about them all, you check out the full release notes. You can download 1Password for Mac on the Mac App Store or directly from their website. You need a subscription to get all of the features of 1Password, which costs $3 a month for individual memberships or $5 a month for families.

When it comes to password management, one of my top recommendations will always be 1Password. I love it because it has a beautiful interface that's easy to use, it's cross-platform and available on everything (even Windows and Android!), and it makes it super easy to generate randomized and secure passwords for us while keeping them safe for later reference. 1Password is my primary password manager on the iPhone, iPad, and the Mac.

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