1st Generation iPhone Owners: No MMS For You!

Apple why must you hurt us like this? Ever since the announcement of the iPhone OS 3.0 software you've left first generation iPhone owners with a bad taste in their mouths by claiming MMS -- Multimedia Messaging Service -- would not work on their devices due to "hardware limitations". Well MacLife went on a mission to find the truth:

We decided to get to the root of the problem by calling up the makers of the chip--Infineon. We contacted an Infineon representative in Milpitas, CA to uncover the details. The gentleman that answered the phone kindly explained that there is no way the Infineon chip inside the original iPhone is incapable of receiving MMS since that function relies on software rather than hardware.

None of the above should shock any of you, in fact TiPb thought this was the case from the moment it was announced during the 3.0 keynote. If developers of Jailbreak apps, such as Swirly MMS, can figure out a way to send a picture via MMS then there must be a genius at Apple who can surely do it, if not better!

MacLife also went ahead and contacted Apple to see what they had to say about this and we are sure all of you can pretty much guess what their response was. If not, here you go:

"Now the hardware has changed enough between these two devices that not all the features will be available on the original iPhone. For instance, MMS and stereo Bluetooth will not be available on the original iPhone."

If you own a first generation iPhone and don't plan on upgrading it anytime soon, how do you feel about this? TiPb is curious...

[Via Maclife]

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