Apple releases 2019 Pride Apple Watch faces

Apple has revealed new Apple Watch faces ahead of next month's LGBT Pride celebration. The new Pride faces reside alongside the original Pride watch face that launched last year.

This year's digital Pride face includes vertical rainbow strips that move around on the display when you lift your wrist to view or use the Digital Crown. Unlike last year's version, those strips don't include black in the background. Instead, each of the eight colors is made up of a series of lines that cover the entire watch face. You can customize the digital watch face by adding a complication to the top and bottom.

2019 pride watch faces

For the first time, Apple's also including two analog Pride watch faces. One of these is square shaped and ideally suited for the Apple Watch Series 4 which has a larger display than its predecessors. The other is round. Both faces include analog hands for hour and minute and room for four complications, one for each corner. Like the digital face, the objects on the analog Pride face jiggle whenever your raise your wrist or use the Digital Crown.

You can add and remove the Pride watch faces just as you would any other face for Apple Watch.

How to add additional versions of Apple Watch faces via your iPhone

You can add as many versions of as many watch faces as you'd like from your iPhone.

  1. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the Face Gallery tab.

Apple Watch face gallery

  1. Go to the top of the screen to the New to watchOS section, then scroll right to left.
  2. Tap a Pride watch face to select it.
  3. Customize the complications of the watch face.
  4. Tap Add.

select pride face

The new watch face will automatically appear as the current display on your Apple Watch.

Remember, the 2019 Pride watch faces are only available after installing watchOS 5.2.1 on your Apple Watch.

A new Pride Edition band?

Back in 2016 during San Francisco's Pride Parade, Apple introduced its first Pride Edition nylon watch band which was available exclusively at the event. During the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2017, the band was launched widely for the first time on Apple's online retail store. One year later, Apple released another limited-edition Pride Edition watch band alongside the first Pride face.

With WWDC 2019 kicking off on Monday, June 3, the likelihood is high that another Pride Edition watch band could be on the horizon. Until then, you can enjoy the 2019 digital and analog watch faces.

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