Iphone PhotographySource: Kristian Cruz/ IPPAWARDS

What you need to know

  • The winners of the annual iPhone Photography Awards have been announced.
  • 2020 brought another stunning collection of images.
  • Photographers from all over the world won awards in 18 different categories.

The winner of the annual iPhone Photography Awards have been announced for 2020, revealing a stunning collection of images and revealing the true power of iPhone photography.

In a press release today the organization stated:

Today, we proudly announce the winners of the 2020 iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS). This year marks the 13th Annual Awards with submissions from thousands of photographers from all over the globe. Dozens of winning photographs reflect powerful worldviews, from vast landscapes to a single tree, from city streets to remote desolation, from toil and hardship to a private moment in the sun.

The Grand Prize Winner and Photographer of the Year Award goes to street photographer Dimpy Bhalotia of the United Kingdom for her image Flying Boys. In it, three boys take flight from a wall into the Ganges River, their expressive limbs filling the sky with both tension and exuberance.

You can see all of the winning photographs here.

The first, second, and third place photographer of the year awards went to Artyom Baryshau of Belarus, Geli Zhao of China, and Saif Hussain of Iraq. Top-three winners were awarded in 18 different categories and from a whole swathe of countries including:

Australia, Bahrain, Belarus, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Submissions for next year are already open, and entrants must submit photos taken on iPhone or iPad, and not altered using any desktop image processing software like Photoshop, you can, however, use any iOS app to alter your photo. First prize? A casual Gold Bar from "the most recognizable private gold mint in the world."