Apple October EventSource: Apple

With Apple's iPhone 12 event finished, not everything Apple announced managed to make the headlines. A few tweaks here and there, quiet announcements, there's plenty you might have missed from Apple, so here's our roundup.

Beats Flex

New headphones from Beats, Beats Flex are all-day wireless headphones that cost just $49. From the report:

Today might be all about the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and HomePod mini but Apple also launched some new earbuds on the quiet. The new Beats Flex are going on sale on October 21 and will cost just $49.

Boasting battery life of 12 hours per charge and a fancy mechanism that will automatically pause or play audio when the buds are pushed together or pulled apart, the Beats Flex are well placed. They're cheap enough to give buyers of iPhones a relatively inexpensive way to listen to their new iPhones – which don't come with their own earbuds in the box.

Dolby Video

Apple's new iPhone 12 lineup supports HDR with Dolby Vision, meaning you can shoot directly in Dolby Vision, a massive camera upgrade.

Carrier pricing

Apple's iPhone 12 will cost more if you buy it with a certain carrier, $30 more with T-Mobile and Sprint to be exact.


Apple has unveiled a new 20W USB-C power adapter that can be bought separately from Apple for just $19.


Apple has introduced new MagSafe charging technology to its iPhones and even has a range of accessories to take advantage of the new tech.


Alongside HomePod mini, Apple unveiled a new intercom feature, which will let you use HomePods to communicate with people all across your home.


We'll keep updating this article over the next couple of days!