4-year-old uses Touch ID, Siri to call emergency services for unconscious mother

Updated March 2017: This article has been updated with information about the recent iPhone 108 "prank" and using Siri to contact emergency services.

A 4-year-old boy in London saved his mom's life by calling emergency services on her iPhone.

The woman reportedly fell unconscious in their home with only 4-year old Roman, his twin brother, and a younger brother there with her. The boy used his mother's thumb to unlock her iPhone and asked Siri to place a call to emergency services. Paramedics arrived a mere 13 minutes later. The woman reportedly regained consciousness in their home and was taken to the hospital for further treatment.

Police chose to release an audio recording of Roman's call to emergency services in the hopes that it'll encourage parents to teach their children how to respond in an emergency situation. You can listen to the audio in this article from the BBC:

Boy, 4, uses Siri to help save mum's life

I've also transcribed the call below:

999 Operator: Hello, police. What is your emergency?

Roman: Hello, I'm Roman.

Operator: O.K. where's your mummy?

Roman: She's at home.

Operator: And where are you?

Roman: At home as well.

Operator: Can you do me a favor? Can you go and get mummy?

Roman: We can't, she's dead.

Operator: You said mummy was there, what do you mean she's dead?

Roman: It means that she's closing her eyes and she's not breathing.

Operator: Right, so do you know where you live?

Roman: Road, 22.

Operator: Can you go to your mummy and shake her for me?

Roman: She's not waking up.

Operator: Give her a good shake and shout out, "mummy".

Roman: Mummy! … It didn't work.

Operator: Are you in Kenley?

Roman: Yes, Kenley.

Operator: What's your name?

Roman: Roman.

Good on 4-year-old Roman for his resourceful response to what had to have been a very frightening situation!

Using Siri to contact emergency services

You may have heard about a recent "prank" that's surfaced wherein iPhone users are being told to say 'Hey Siri, 108' to their iPhones which results in the phone placing a call to 911. 108 is the number for emergency services in India; the phrase is akin to saying, "Hey Siri, call emergency services." The feature is meant to be used in situations like Roman's where dialing emergency services may not be possible.

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