Mac Pro Gear SaddleSource: Waterfield

What you need to know

  • There's a $400 Mac Pro leather saddle.
  • It's $400.
  • And it's a leather saddle. For your Mac Pro.

Just when you thought Apple's $400 Mac Pro wheels were as mental as things could get, someone went out and made a Mac Pro Gear Saddle. And yes, that's exactly as ludicrous as it sounds.

Backing up a bit, here's what a Mac Pro Gear Saddle is. Beyond $400-worth of madness.

  • Crafted from premium, full-grain saddle leather.
  • Includes a removable Gear Pouch (Medium) for additional storage.
  • Drapes over the steel and aluminum frame of Apple's Mac Pro without blocking the handle or On/Off switch.
  • The two thick leather straps that go over the top of the Mac pro are lined with rubber grips to steady the saddle.
  • Both sides have seven pockets in four different sizes to hold various-sized tech gear.
  • Bottom pocket holds the Medium Gear Pouch and other horizontal gear.
  • Snap-on closure secures the bottom side pocket.

So yes, this is a saddle for your Mac Pro and you put stuff in it. Why? I'm not really sure, but I must admit it looks pretty good. In an appreciation of cool leather products kind of way. But definitely not in any kind of way that involves handing over $400 for one.

Mac Pro Gear SaddleSource: Waterfield

Still, this is a thing that exists and you can order it now. Because of course you can – thanks to Pocket-Lint for bringing this into my life.