69% of AZ voters support App Store payment bill

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What you need to know

  • Arizona voters are massively supportive of a new bill that could curb Apple's control of the App Store.
  • A Data Orbital survey reveals huge cross-party support for the bill.
  • Many also believe the state should act now rather than waiting for Congress.

A new survey of Arizona voters has revealed huge cross-party support for a bill that could curb Apple and Google's control of its app stores by forcing them to accept alternative payment methods.

From Data Orbital:

Data Orbital is pleased to announce the results of its latest statewide, live-caller survey of registered voters. The survey was conducted from March 11th to 12th. The survey focused on voters' views of Big Tech and sought to gauge their desire for increased regulation and support for or opposition to HB 2005.

DO says "Concerns over Big Tech's influence were abundant", with 80.6% of all respondents agreed (62.6% strongly) that Big Tech has 'too much power and influence over our lives'. A further 77.4% agreed with the statement that companies like Apple and Google "are large monopoly companies that put their own interest before the needs of small businesses and individuals." A further 63.7% said the state of Arizona should be regulating the influence of these companies, and 64.5% of them said Arizona should act "immediately" rather than waiting for Congress.

Voters were also specifically asked about a new bill that aims to force app store platforms like Apple and Google to allow alternative payment methods on their platforms, possibly depriving them of the 30% commission they charge. From the results:

When asked specifically about HB 2005, a bill to level the playing field when it comes to app payments, 69.0% of registered voters voiced their support. Only 11.8% were undecided, which is a small percentage for a legislative issue. These sentiments and support for HB 2005 are bipartisan. A strong majority from all party affiliations (R- 75.6%, D-57.1%, I/Unaffiliated- 59.8%) support the Arizona legislature regulating Big Tech immediately. An even stronger bipartisan majority support HB2005 (R- 77.3%, D-68.4%, I/Unaffiliated- 60.8%).

Commenting on the results, Pollster George Khalaf said ""Arizona voters have clear views on Big Tech, and the majority want action in the form of greater regulation. Big Tech is in the news more and more whether it be for data and privacy concerns, its role in elections, censorship, or its general influence over our daily lives and activities. Voters want to see more fairness and the level playing field that HB 2005 seeks to achieve with regards to app payments. For lawmakers in both parties considering the nuances at play in this issue, these results speak clearly. Constituents want immediate action taken against Big Tech and HB2005 is a major way to do it."

Interestingly, the poll was sponsored by the Coalition for App Fairness, a major driving force behind the bill, so it might be worth taking these results with a pinch of salt. The survey involved 550 registered voters over the phone, and has a margin of error rate of 4.18% +/-.

In a close vote earlier this month, Arizona's house passed the HB 2005 bill, which will now go before Arizona's senate for approval.

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