8 People Bought 'I Am Rich', the $999.99 app

You see that picture? That's the $999.99 app that we've already warned you about. So please, if you're interested in that red ruby of a status symbol, simply save that image to your iPhone and use it as a wallpaper or something. Don't go buying this completely featureless program for $999.99 !! But sadly, it's too late for 8 people who have already purchased the app. According to the developer there is even more waiting for it to come back to the app store.

"I am sure a lot more people would like to buy it -- but currently can't do so," Heinrich said. "The App is a work of Art and included a 'secret mantra' -- that's all."

How on Earth does this happen? Maybe because it's the start of the Olympics on 8/8/08 that 8 people decided to bandy up and go in together. Or maybe they're all filthy rich people who would rather spend money on a digital ruby than a real one. Who knows. Hopefully this won't spurn a bunch of copycat apps and turn the App Store into a complete dump.

Actually, I have a request for any sane and capable developer. Make the same exact program. Call it "I Am Richer' and give it away for free. How's that for ya?


  • OK, the guy who bought the app by "mistake" is an idiot. "Hmm, here's something that costs $1,000, let me just click on 'buy' and see what happens!" It's just like people who bid ridiculous prices on eBay auctions as a "joke." Guess what, it's real money, you agreed to the terms to buy it.
    I'm not saying this app isn't stupid, but I have to side with the developer that it's not deceptive or malicious in any way. It seems to be exactly what it's represented as, and it's up to Apple to decide if they want to limit apps based on basic criteria like illegal or harmful apps, or for more philosophical reasons. "It's our opinion that your app is stupid, therefore we will prevent anyone from having access to it." Is that really what we want? In this case, maybe, but I think that's a slippery slope.
  • I think that the buyers should at least get some bling along with their purchase - even if it's cubic zarconia with iron pyrite that turns green after you wear it. The software alone says I've been taken for a ride. The bling says I got it goin' on. For 999.99 you got to show people a little love.
  • They bought it most likely because they can, and that's just stupid. Also, don't forget about kids who have access to some iPhones and could have purchased this. But $999.99 for that? Come on, there are better designs on napkins.
  • This, and any other, app are worth exactly what people will pay for them. This is simple supply and demand and we're looking at the far left of the graph, price is high and demand is low, but it's still a valid product at a valid price.
  • It sure is purdy... and it gets brighter when you adjust your iPhone's brightness!
  • This and other apps that have recently come under review as being pure and utter garbage is the EXACT problem with letting everything into the store. Part of the draw to the iPhone and the App store is that it is Apple, and Apple has great design style and sensibilities. If Apple is reviewing all the apps then they should be making the call on value and worth as well...otherwise it is just Palm ll over again.
  • Todd, if Apple makes the call as to worth, why should developers bother to make apps? I sure as hell wouldn't spend time creating a program only to have Apple sell it for less than I think it's worth. The price of several apps have already dropped, so developers are perfectly capable of adjusting the price to meet demand on their own.
  • People who buy this should be labeled as "I am an idiot."
  • I say one of these people will put their iPhone with the "I am Rich" application on eBay and get several thousand dollars for it, after all there are only eight in existence.
  • I'll make "I am richer" and give it for free
  • If those 8 people had chosen to do something constructive, rather than pathetically narcissistic, with their money, they could have helped a lot of less fortunate people. Donate to a food bank, buy blankets for the homeless, donate to a school in Africa... it saddens me to see such profligacy.
  • LOL, for the same $999.99 you could buy the WP7 version and get an unlocked phone to display it.
  • In all honesty, we all buy stuff just because we can all the time. Keep in mind millions of people around the globe do live with less than $1 per YEAR! And I really see nothing wrong with spending "1 buck" (or 1k if I were rich) with anyone smart enough to come up with this idea.
  • I guess you have the coin to spend on something meaningless like this go for it. Personally I can think of many more constructive things to do with my money and time. I agree with one of the other posters above. There are many needy people in the world and 1000 dollars would go a long way putting food on the table and warm coat on people who need it.