Apple Pay campusSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • A new survey claims that nearly 94% of customers don't use Apple Pay in the U.S.
  • New figures from PYMNTS claim that only 6.1% of people who have Apple Pay activated use it in-store.

A new survey from claims that nearly 94% of people who have Apple Pay set up on their iPhone do not use the feature when they're in a store.

Published today, the report states:

Seven years post-launch, new PYMNTS data shows that 93.9% of consumers with Apple Pay activated on their iPhones do not use it in-store to pay for purchases. That means only 6.1% do. That finding is based on PYMNTS' national study of 3,671 U.S. consumers conducted between Aug. 3-10, 2021. After seven years, Apple Pay's adoption and usage isn't much larger than it was 2015 (5.1%), a year after its launch, and is the same as it was in 2019, the last full year before the pandemic.

According to PYMNTS'sfigures, only 43.5% of consumers have devices that support Apple Pay, and 70% of merchants take Apple Pay, however, only 6.1% of eligible transactions use Apple Pay.

Whilst the figures point to pretty poor adoption figures for Apple Pay, there is some good news. Surveying mobile wallet payments, PYMNTS found some 45.5% of them were made by Apple Pay, beating out rivals like PayPal, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Apple is reportedly looking to expands its Apple Pay horizons with a new 'Apple Pay Later' service that would let it offer customers the chance to pay for goods and services using installments.