Apple announcing the A12 BionicSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • AAPL closed yesterday at a new all-time high.
  • Shares sat at $343.99 at the close of trading.
  • This on the day Apple was said to have ARM Macs ready to be announced.

Yesterday saw Apple shares close at an all-time high, sitting pretty at $343.99 apiece. That in turn gave Apple a market value of almost $1.5 trillion.

While all tech stocks are doing well at the moment, Apple's particular surge is of note because it comes on the same day that rumors broke of a big new Mac announcement, potentially happening this month. Rumors of Macs with ARM processors inside aren't new, but a report that they'll be announced during WWDC has the market abuzz. And it's sure unlikely to hurt Apple's share price, too.

Apple's reliance on Intel for its Mac chips has long been an issue. Intel chips are costly, power-hungry, and prone to running on the warm side. A switch to Apple-designed A-series ARM chips would wipe those concerns out why also having one important benefit – they should be blazing fast, too.

Aapl June 9 2020 GraphSource: Yahoo!

Apple's A-series chips have long been pushing iPhones and iPad Pros into MacBook Pro and iMac territory in terms of performance. And they're chips that have been tweaked for power and heat performance. Imagine what Apple could do with a giant heatsink and fans thrown into the mix.

Apple's switch to ARM Macs looks increasingly likely And it's sure to be a big deal for its share price as much as its users moving forward.

We're hoping for an announcement during WWDC on June 22.