Abode's new Iota smart security cam is an all-in-one security solution

This morning at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, smart security company Abode announced its first ever standalone security device. Called Iota, the device features a built-in full HD resolution camera, a built-in gateway (with Z-Wave, ZigBee and abode RF connectivity), support for Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration. The Iota security system is ideal for individuals who want the freedom and flexibility to monitor their home how they want to, whether that means using a combination of smart home devices or just Iota by itself.

Front view of Abode's Iota, showcasing the HD camera's lens

Iota is incredibly simple to install, and can be placed anywhere AC power is available. And because it's Wi-Fi enabled, it can connect to your broadband router wirelessly or via an Ethernet cable. Best of all, Iota's integrated battery and 4G/LTE cellular backup will keep you connected for 10+ hours, even if your internet connection (or your power!) is down. Once your Iota is installed, you'll receive notifications through the dedicated Abode app when events (your children arriving home, your door unlocking, et cetera) are captured by the camera or other compatible smart devices. You can even customize your alerts within the app so you only get notified about what matters most to you.

Speaking of cameras — audio- and video-wise, Iota features a 1080p 2MP CMOS streaming camera complete with infrared LED illumination for low-light situations so you can surveil your home no matter the conditions. The device is also equipped with a microphone and speaker, allowing for both audio capture and playback. You can access your live video feed anytime via the Abode app, Abode web, or Apple's Home app, and in the event of an alarm, the system will automatically upload clips to your Abode timeline regardless of which Abode plan you've chosen. Video clips can also be triggered by other events within the home, such as unlocking the door or opening the garage.

In addition to supporting already-existing Abode accessories, Iota offers support for hundreds of connected devices across Apple HomeKit, Z-Wave, and ZigBee as well as popular smart accessory brands like Nest, Phillips Hue, and LIFX, giving users complete control over building up their smart home. Iota can connect to everything from smoke detectors, water leak sensors, smart locks, and water shut off valves to smart speakers, connected lighting, and smart appliances, so every one of your home automation needs is covered.

Though Iota isn't officially available for pre-order yet, you can sign up to receive updates regarding the product by visiting Abode's website. The device is expected to be priced at $329, and will be released late in the first quarter of 2018. If you're an existing Abode customer, the company does specify that you'll be able to upgrade to the new Iota gateway at a reduced price if you so choose, but has yet to provide instructions and exact pricing.

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