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What you need to know

  • It's an app that turns your MacBook Pro's notch into something much cooler.
  • Multiple effects are available and you should have installed this thing by now.
  • Notchmeister is free and in the App Store today.

If you have a new MacBook Pro with a notch you can now add a touch of whimsy to proceedings thanks to this free app from The Iconfactory. Dubbed Notchmeister, the macOS app does one thing and one thing only — bring a smile to your face.

Actually, it does more than that. With Notchmeister installed you can move your mouse around your MacBook Pro's notch and have one of a few different effects take place — and yes, there's a festive one!

Notchmeister ScreenshotSource: The Iconfactory

Have you ever wondered what happens to your mouse while it's travelling underneath the notch? Notchmeister answers that question with exciting effects that take your Mac to a whole new dimension:

⁕ Glow - A cursor will light your way.

⁕ Cylon - By your command.

⁕ Plasma Leak - Your mouse can break down the magnetic containment field that keeps the M1's power in check!

⁕ Festive - Let your Mac celebrate the holidays the best way it can—in binary.

⁕ Nano Radar - Our patented invention lets you know exactly where your mouse has gone.

Pretty cool, right? This might just be the best Mac app I've seen in a while and it doesn't actually do anything useful. That's what attracted many of us to the Mac years ago — a touch of whimsy that has been lacking all too much in recent years. Now, thanks to the folks at The Iconfactory, you can have a little bit of it where your screen should be!

Go download Notchmeister for free right now.

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