Adobe Spark unveils Shared Brands feature

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What you need to know

  • Adobe Spark has added a brand new Shared Brands feature.

Adobe Spark has this week added a brand new Shared Brands feature to help users manage content creation.

In a post Thursday Adobe stated:

In content, like in life, consistency matters. According to Forbes, presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%, but 60% of organizations report that materials created don't always conform to brand guidelines. If creating consistent content is so impactful for business' success, why is it so uncommon? We've learned from our user research that these inconsistencies stem from the pressure to create content quickly, the sheer volume of creation tools, and the lack of brand guideline education. Spark's powerful branding capabilities are here to ease some of that pain. Once you set up your brand with its unique logos, colors, and fonts, Spark's AI hooks you up with customizable templates and the ability to "brandify" any piece of content in a single tap. No more hefty, hard-to-follow brand guideline documents that are separate from the content creation tool. Just set up your brand once to save time later. That works great for busy solo-entrepreneurs who need quick content solutions, but for dispersed teams, there hasn't been a great way to collaborate from one set of guidelines. That is, until now!

Shared Brands will let users easily share your brand with team members so that everyone can create content using the same brand assets so that everyone has the same logos and fonts etc. The branding is controller by the original creator who can modify it and instantly share it with the team. Adobe says the feature will also help marketing and social teams, as well as graphic designers and freelancers empower their clients to help make "brand guideline-approved" assets at the click of a button.


Brandsharingmerch3x (Image credit: Adobe)
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