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What you need to know

  • Adobe has released an update for Creative Cloud that fixes an issue causing unusually high CPU usage on macOS Big Sur.

Adobe today released a new update to its Creative Cloud app that fixes a bug that caused some users to experience unusually high CPU usage when running it on macOS Big Sur.

While it didn't impact everyone, a number of people noticed that the Creative Cloud background processes would spin up the fans and run a Mac's CPU at 100% load. 9to5Mac notes that the CCXProcess and CCLibrary background processes were generally at fault and that the 16-inch MacBook Pro was the often the Mac impacted.

Ever since I upgraded to MacOS Big Sur, I've encountered an issue when starting up my computer that the CPU load is at 100% and the fans are running at maximum speed. The Activity Monitor shows that the culprit are two Adobe CC-related processes, something called CCXProcess and CCLibrary. The only way to stop this is to Force Quit the processes otherwise the CPU load and overheating will continue as long as my laptop is on.

Adobe today confirmed that the fix had been rolled out.

CCXProcess team has released the update with a fix. It should be CCXProcess 4.1.3 - you can check the version in CCD -> Help -> About Creative Cloud.

I'd suggest making sure you have the latest version installed sooner rather than later, even if you haven't been experiencing this particular bug.

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