Adonit V-Grip review: Swell stand plus selfie stick

Adonit V-Grip Stand Selfie Stick
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Bottom line: Get in the frame with the Adonit V-Grip, which doubles as a stand and selfie stick.


  • +

    Secure stand, both horizontal and vertical orientation

  • +

    Selfie stick extends to nearly 20 inches (500 millimeters)

  • +

    Bluetooth shutter remote

  • +

    1/4-inch standard screw attaches to tripods and more

  • +

    Universal cold shoe mount

  • +



  • -

    Somewhat pricey

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You don't have to choose between taking the photo and getting in the photo. You don't have to stretch out your arm while everyone awkwardly squeezes in around you, either. This simple V-Grip from Adonit acts as both a stand and a selfie stick, so you can more easily be in your own photos.


Adonit V-Grip: Features

Adonit V-Grip Stand Selfie Stick

Adonit V-Grip Stand Selfie Stick (Image credit: Karen Freeman/iMore)

Adonit packs a lot of functionality into its little V-Grip. When not in use, it fits easily into a pocket or bag at just 4.48-by-1.26-by-2 inches (113.9-by-32-by-50.8 millimeters). It weighs 3.32 ounces (94 grams). It's equally functional for right-handed and left-handed users.

The phone grip mechanism is tight but expands to fit any smartphone measuring between 2.64 and 3.27 inches (67 to 83 millimeters) wide securely. You can use the V-Grip as a simple phone grip, just to get a better hold on your phone.

The handle pulls out from the back. Pull it out to use as a stand, either horizontally for watching videos or vertically for FaceTime and video calls. Pull down on the handle, which you can telescope out to nearly 19.69 inches (500 millimeters). This selfie stick is fully adjustable; you can point your phone at different angles depending on the shot you want.

At the top of the V-Grip you'll find a universal cold shoe mount, which allows you to attach microphones and LED lights to improve the quality of your photos and videos. You'll also find a removable wireless battery-operated Bluetooth shutter remote. This works up to 10 meters away, so you can operate the camera from a distance. I found myself just using my Apple Watch as a camera remote, but the Bluetooth shutter remove is a nice option to have.

The Adonit V-Grip is a vital part of any iPhoneographer's dream toolkit.

At the bottom, you'll find a 1/4-inch standard screw hole, which attaches to any standard tripod, monopod, video slider, or stabilizer. You'll also find a small wrist strap hole on the bottom, so you can attach the V-Grip to your own wrist strap or just add a charm for decoration.

Note that while the Adonit V-Grip is compatible with just about any standard cold mount microphone, LED camera light, tripod, monopod, video slider, stabilizer rig, and wrist strap, none of those are included with the V-Grip. You'll need to provide your own.

Say cheese

Adonit V-Grip: What I like

As the family's photographer, I often get left out of the picture. My arms aren't long enough to take a decent group selfie without all of us looking smushed. The Adonit V-Grip is my new travel buddy. I use it on the plane as a stand for watching movies and tv shows on my iPhone. Once we get to our destination, I use the selfie stick to take better group selfies.

Though I probably won't personally use the Bluetooth remote shutter (because I have an Apple Watch) or the universal tripod screw and cold mount (because I'm just not that fancy) they are nice to have, particularly for content creators. I will probably use the wrist loop hole if I can find an extra wrist loop lying around.

Adonit V-Grip Stand Selfie Stick

Adonit V-Grip Stand Selfie Stick (Image credit: Karen Freeman/iMore)

No real complaints

Adonit V-Grip: What I don't like

I suppose the Adonit V-Grip is a little bit expensive for what it is, it's nothing crazy. I saw a reviewer complain that it doesn't come with all the accessories shown on the website, but, Adonit never claimed it did. Just to clarify again: no tripods, microphones, lights, stabilizers, slides, or rigs of any kind are included. Not even the wrist strap is included, you are just getting the V-Grip itself (and the removable Bluetooth remote shutter.)

Get a grip

Adonit V-Grip: Bottom line

The Adonit V-Grip is a vital part of any iPhoneographer's dream toolkit. It holds your iPhone tenaciously, and gives you a better grip on your phone. It also acts as a stand, which can be oriented vertically or horizontally so you can FaceTime or watch videos. Plus, it's a telescoping selfie stick that extends to nearly 20 inches. A detachable Bluetooth remote shutter is included.

What makes the V-Grip more than your ordinary "stand plus selfie stick" is all of the accessories (purchased separately) that it's compatible with. You can attach it to just about any sort of camera rig. The 1/4-inch standard screw on the bottom attaches to tripods, monopods, video sliders, stabilizers, and more. The universal cold shoe mount on top lets you attach standard camera lights and microphones. A thoughtful little hole on the bottom even allows you to attach a wrist loop.

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