AgileBits' 1Password 7 for Mac beta is live, and it looks awesome

AgileBits' 1Password password management app has been one of the most popular ways to securely keep track of multiple passwords for awhile. Now, the company has released a completely overhauled beta of 1Password 7 for the Mac, making it even more of a must-have tool for people who have literally any sort of account. According to AgileBits' announcement, this beta is only "a taste of what's to come," but it's already pretty jam-packed with improvements and new features.

Aesthetically, a lot has changed about 1Password for Mac — even the initial lock screen that appears when you launch the app. Though the change is super minor, the colors and design have been altered slightly, making it look more minimalist and tidy. And speaking of design, the entire interface of the app has also changed, replacing the stark, blindingly white background with skillfully chosen dark blue and gray tones. Font designer Alan Dague-Greene even created a new font specifically for 1Password 7 called "Courier Prime Bits."

Also new is the revamped, "enhanced" sidebar that gives you access to your items, vaults, and more. You can now organize your vaults (which make it easier to categorize your passwords) by dragging and dropping — even if you want to drag them between two different accounts. And if you want to create a new vault, all you have to do is drag an item over the text in the menu bar that says "New Vault," and one will be automatically created for you. What's more, you can edit your vaults directly without ever needing to leave the app, allowing you to make changes even more quickly and easily than before.

Other notable features in the beta include rich formatting capabilities using Markdown in notes, better tag organization with nested tags, Secure Enclave for Touch ID, and integration with Troy Hunt's Have I Been Pwned? database so you can be certain you don't have any compromised passwords.

If you'd like to try the 1Password 7 beta for Mac, you can do so by clicking this link or by heading to AgileBits' announcement (where, coincidentally, you can also check out more details about the update). If you've already got a 1Password membership, you're good to go as soon as it's downloaded, and can just unlock the app right away. However, if you only have a standalone license for version 6, you'll be asked to either subscribe or purchase another license for version 7. Right now licenses are available for only $39.99 — that's nearly $30 less than they'll be when the update officially launches later this year — so if you're interested, I'd get on it right away.


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Tory Foulk

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