Airports by TravelNerd review: Find extensive flight and airport info all in one place

If you travel frequently, particularly making your way through many airports that you aren't familiar with, Airports by TravelNerd is a must have. Not only can you view up to date flight information but you can view terminal maps, amenities, and more for tons of airports across the world. While not every airport is supported, lots of them are.

Airports by TravelNerd has only two main functions: finding flight information fast and finding information on the airport you search for. You simply toggle between these two functions in the bottom navigation menu. To search for flight status, you can search two ways, either by flight number and airline or by route. For example, if you don't know or have a flight number handy, you can simply type in the airport codes or names and you'll be filtered results. From there you can select your airline and check for flight times. You'll be able to do this 2 days out so basically for today and tomorrow, unless you have more specific flight information such as the actual flight number.

Under the airports section, you can search for specific airports and view information such as WiFi offerings, parking, taxi services, restrooms, and most important, terminal maps. Airports are huge and if you are unfamiliar with a specific one, finding a terminal or navigating through it can be a pain. Viewing terminal maps ahead of time or even while at the airport could potentially save you some time. During a short layover, checking out terminal maps may be the difference between taking a wrong turn and making or missing a flight.

When it comes to data, Airports by TravelNerd has lots of airports covered including pretty much all major ones in the United States and Europe.

The good

  • Lots of airports covered
  • Terminal maps are easy to read
  • WiFi hotspots are pretty accurate and up to date, great for business travelers looking for WiFi

The bad

  • Push notifications for flight delays would be a welcome addition

The bottom line

While you can always download specific airline apps to check on flight statuses, Airports by TravelNerd does most of what they do in one single app along with providing information on specific airports. If you travel frequently and find yourself in many different airports, pick up Airports by TravelNerd, you'll be glad you did.

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.