ALDI grocery stores now accepting Apple Pay, Android Pay, more

How to use Apple Pay on iPhone and iPad
How to use Apple Pay on iPhone and iPad (Image credit: iMore)

ALDI wants to help you get through the grocery line even faster — all you need is your smartphone.

Affordable grocery retailer ALDI announced in a press release today that its nearly 1,700 stores across the U.S. will now be offering consumers the option to pay for their items with contactless payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Android Pay. Now when you stop at an ALDI to grab some veggie chips or fresh flowers, you can just tap your iPhone or other device against the payment terminal to complete your transaction, eliminating any bag-fishing or card-swiping that may have slowed you down in the past.

This falls in line with ALDI's longstanding commitment to being a super speedy one-stop shop for all your grocery and household necessities. ALDI CEO Jason Hart had this to say about the change:

We're continually innovating to provide our customers a faster, more efficient shopping experience that saves them time and money. Shoppers love ALDI because we build and run stores they can shop quickly. Contactless payment makes shopping at ALDI that much faster and more convenient.

ALDI is in good company, too: with this move, it's joining the ever-growing number of stores, restaurants and other businesses that accept Apple Pay as a valid payment option. For a full list, check out the Apple Pay page on Apple's website. Need information on how to use Apple Pay? We've got you covered.


If you're a regular ALDI shopper, are you excited about its stores implementing contactless pay? If you don't usually shop at ALDI, will you give it a try now that you're guaranteed an even quicker grocery experience? Let us know in the comments!

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