All Officially Licensed Nintendo Switch MicroSD Cards

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How To Transfer From One Microsd To Another (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

The Nintendo Switch might be an awesome gaming system, but it only offers 32GB of internal storage. Considering that larger games can take up 10GB or more of storage each, you'll definitely need to use a microSD card if you plan on playing several of the best Nintendo Switch games. Here are all of the Officially Licensed SanDisk MicroSD Cards for Nintendo Switch.

All officially licensed Nintendo Switch microSD cards

If you plan on playing more than three large Nintendo Switch games, then you're definitely going to need more storage space than what comes inside the Switch console. Fortunately, SanDisk has partnered with Nintendo to release several Officially Licensed Nintendo Switch memory cards. If you want more help figuring out how much space you need, check out our microSD card size guide

I highly recommend the 128GB MicroSD Card. It's got plenty of space to hold dozens of large Nintendo Switch games and has that lovely Mario design.

If you think you'll only be experiencing a few of Nintendo's AA games, then a 64GB MicroSD Card is a good fit for you. It allows you to hold an additional four two six games. Plus, it sports that cool Hylian Emblem from the Zelda series.

Now, if you're the kind of person that's constantly zipping through the latest Nintendo Switch releases, you really ought to consider the 512GB MicroSD Card. It's the perfect choice for Animal Crossing fans as it shares the same turquoise coloring associated with the franchise and even pictures the iconic leaf. The enormous amount of space allows users to hold tons of video captures, game data, and screenshots.

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