Amzer Double Layer Hybrid Case with Kickstand for iPhone 5c review

Amzer Double Layer Hybrid Case with Kickstand for iPhone 5c review

The Double Layer Hybrid Case with Kickstand by Amzer for iPhone 5c offers not only an easy way to watch movies and shows, but also provides some serious protection against drops. It's easy to install, comes at an extremely reasonable price, and fits well. But are there any drawbacks to buying this case over something else?

This offering by Amzer currently only comes in black and is composed of two layers. The first is a soft inside layer that is made of silicon. This layer serves as a way to absorb shock in the unfortunate even that you drop your iPhone 5c. The outer layer is made of a hard plastic and makes it easier to pull your iPhone in and out of your pocket. This is also the portion of the case that makes having a built-in kickstand possible.

While many double layer cases can get extremely bulky, the Double Layer Hybrid case doesn't add a huge amount of bulk. Don't expect it to be as slim as a bumper case by any means, but it's still a lot slimmer than other rugged offerings such as an Otterbox. Since the inside silicon is soft and not rigid plastic, the power button and volume buttons are easy to depress. This has been a pain point for me with a lot of two layer cases and I'm glad to see this offering not have this issue.

If you're planning on going to the beach or anywhere that you may come in contact with water or sand, keep in mind that the Amzer Double Layer Hybrid Case will not protect in this situations since the dock and headphone jack ports are still fully exposed at the bottom of the case. That aside, the Amzer case can take a pretty good beating due to the outside hard layer. Minor drops and falls — perhaps even a few significant drops — should be handled just fine by this offering.

I also tested the camera functionality while having the Amzer case installed. Since some thicker cases interfere with the camera flash system, it was one of the first things I tried out. In my tests, the Amzer case doesn't interfere with the camera flash in any way.

The good

  • Rugged but not terribly bulky
  • Outside hard layer makes for easy pocket use
  • Buttons are easily depressed
  • No camera flash interference
  • Built-in kickstand makes it easy to watch movies or view photos in portrait or landscape mode

The bad

  • The inside silicon is exceptionally prone to collecting dust and lint

The bottom line

Amzer Double Layer Hybrid Case with Kickstand for iPhone 5c review

The Amzer Double Layer Hybrid Case isn't the most rugged case on the block, but what it lacks in protection, it makes up for in versatility. I also think it manages to do it without adding a terrible amount of bulk. And for the price, you really can't beat what it offers.

If you need decent protection on the cheap, the Double Layer Hybrid Case by Amzer is worth every penny.

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Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.