Android vs. iPhone photography: FIGHT!

Cella using an iPhone with a lens accessory
Cella using an iPhone with a lens accessory (Image credit: iMore)

A former Google executive says Android photography is far behind the iPhone, but what do you think? Join us in the iMore forums and share your opinion on which device's camera reigns supreme!

If you're using an Android phone for photos, you're doing it wrong. That's the word from Vic Gundotra, who just so happens to be a former Google executive in charge of mobile operations. In a startling criticism of his former employers on Facebook, the former Google SVP of engineering said Android phone cameras are "a few years behind" the iPhone 7 Plus. Gundotra was remarking on photos taken using the iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode and said he "would never use an Android phone for photos!" (Trusted Reviews

But what do you think?

We're chatting all things photography — from Android to iPhone and everything in between! — in the iMore forums today and would love to hear your opinion!

Interesting take. I wouldn't say "years ahead" portrait mode is good, but android has definitely caught up/surpassed in many instances. Can't wait to see what the iPhone 8 brings. Former Google SVP says Android photography years behind iPhone


I get what everyone is saying. I really do. Yes, there are Android phones with faster focus, more megapixels, wider apertures, and all around more features. But what he’s saying is that it’s not available consistently and that’s where iPhone wins. You consistently know what you’re getting with a camera on iPhone. Any and all changes to camera software goes out worldwide to all iPhones capable of...


So would you only ever shoot your images with an iPhone, or would you dare branch out and try an Android phone to take your perfect mobile pictures? Let us know what you think!

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