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I definitely think that Animal Crossing is one of the best Nintendo Switch games to have released so far. I've spent hours collecting clothes, furniture, decorations, and seasonal items. However, I maxed out my house's storage space several months ago, which has left my island looking somewhat like a pigsty. Fortunately, the Winter Update just released and is giving us the option of purchasing more storage from Tom Nook.

The cap up until this point has been 800 items, but now you can raise it all the way to 2,400 items. Finally, finally, I can clean up the junk heaps that have accumulated all over the place and make my island presentable again.

Unsure how to make Marie Kondo's nightmare your wonderful reality? Here's how to upgrade your house's max storage to 2,400 items in Animal Crossing.

How to increase Animal Crossing house storage to 2,400 items

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You'll need to have reached the highest house upgrade up until this point. If you're unsure how to do that, check out our Animal Crossing house upgrade guide.

Note: You're going to need 500,000 Bells on hand to pay for this storage expansion. If you need help getting more moolah, check out our tips and tricks for making money fast in Animal Crossing.

  1. When your house has a max storage space of 800 items, head to Resident Services.
  2. Speak to Tom Nook.

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  3. Tell him you want to talk About my home.
  4. Next select Expand my storage.

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  5. Unlike previous house expansions, for some reason, Tom Nook needs you to pay this fee up front and cannot offer you any loans. If you have the right amount of money, select Yes, let's do it!
  6. Now you just have to wait for tomorrow morning.

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Expansion construction will be complete the next day, and you'll immediately be able to start transferring more things into storage.

How can I increase my storage to 5,000?

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Nintendo announced in the October 2021 Animal Crossing Direct that players will be able to increase their storage to 5,000 in the 2.0 update coming on November 5, 2021. But to get to 5,000, you'll have to expand your storage twice first — first to 3,200, then to 4,000.

To expand your storage to 3,200, follow the steps above and proceed to inquire about expanding your storage again. You'll need to pay 700,000 Bells upfront to upgrade your storage to this level. It's quite a bit, but don't worry! There are lots of ways to earn Bells quickly.

To expand your storage to 4,000, you'll have to pay 900,000 Bells upfront and wait until the next day, just like every other storage expansion. These Bells are starting to add up!

Finally, you can approach Nook at Resident Services to upgrade your storage to the highest level, allowing you to hoard 5,000 items at home. According to Nook, you'll have to ensure the highest storage quality, so it'll be a strain on your Bank of Nook account. The final storage upgrade costs 1,200,000 Bells upfront and takes one day to complete. Whew! You may have to budget your Bells after this one...

How can I use storage sheds?

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Another feature of the 2.0 update is the ability to purchase a storage shed by redeeming Nook Miles. This furniture item can be placed almost anywhere on your island and allows you to directly access your storage without needing to go all the way to your house. This means you'll be able to decorate your island to your heart's content without needing to interrupt your flow with the need to go put things away.

To use a storage shed, simply interact with it after placing it outside on your island. You can choose to place something back in storage or take things out of storage to place in your pockets. Anything you place or remove from the storage shed will be synchronized with your in-home storage, so you won't have to worry about losing your items.

Hoarding made easy

Now you know what you need to do to get Tom Nook to give you even more storage space for your home. With so many more slots available, we can all start cleaning up the piles of junk we've thrown around our islands to make them presentable to guests again. Good luck cleaning up!

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