Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp down: Here's why you're getting 'Network Errors'

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is experiencing a massive influx of users due to its popularity. If you see a spinning load icon in the bottom right corner of the screen or get a "Network Error" message, you're not alone.

Why can't I log into the game?

It's not you; it's Nintendo. It's not exactly Nintendo's fault either. Similar to the initial launch of Pokémon GO, the game is so popular that it's likely the servers aren't able to keep up with everyone's excitement.

Luckily, Nintendo is a big company with lots of people working behind the curtain to keep things running. This hiccup in the servers shouldn't last too long. As of this writing, I've been able to successfully log in every time, even though an hour ago I continuously received the error code message.

What can I do about it?

Technically nothing. It's not an issue with the app or your region or the time of day. Nintendo is working to fix the problem. Once they've worked it all out, you should have no problem logging in or playing the game.

In the meantime, when you receive that error code, just keep tapping Retry. In my experience, after a couple of times, I was able to log in. I'd get the error message again while playing, but tapping Retry a couple more times always seemed to help.

Are you getting the network error message?

Let us know about your experience in the comments and post any tips on the best way to keep playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp while the servers are overworked.

Lory Gil

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