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I have said it before, I will take it again, I am not a huge fan or word games. But occasionally one will come along that captures my attention. Bookworm [$2.99 - iTunes link (opens in new tab)] is just such a game.

The premise is simple - you are presented with a field of letter tiles. You need to go through spelling words with connecting tiles. As words are spelled, those tiles vanish, and new tiles fall from the top to replace them. Throw in features like bonus works, green tiles (for more points), red tiles (that "burn" through the others to the bottom) and you have the game Bookworm.

You progress through each level, getting points for spelling longer and more difficult words. As you go, you can collected various accomplishments (words types, such as body parts). There are two modes of play - classic (just a never ending puzzle) and timed (where fire blocks appear and start burning as time progresses). Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer option although to be honest with you I am not sure how it would be incorporated.

There is an area which keeps track of your stats, but unfortunately, it is limited to the highest score. I wish it also kept track of things like the longest word. You also have your library to see different types of words (like the previously mentioned body parts) you have found. The word library does add something of a long term goal to the game, as you can try to collect as many words as possible in the various libraries. One nice thing to see was that the game saves you progress, even if you exit.

All in all, if someone is a big fan of word game, they probably will enjoy this. As I said, even though I am not a big fan, I still found it fun. However, I found the game a little limiting. With only two play modes, both based on the same play time, I am not sure if I feel I could play the game long term. But for people who like games like Muddle and Scrabble may feel differently. At $2.99, the game is not that pricey and could easily be worth the expense.


  • Challenging word game
  • Easy to play


  • No multiplayer
  • Limited game modes

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  • Bad when you notice typos AFTER it is posted to the front page. :)
  • Great review...thanks for the post. Came across a site which had some pretty cool wallpapers.
  • Actually, the game does track your longest word. and every other word for that matter, It keeps a history of exactly how many words of every length you've matched. It's in the books section, along with your progress through the lists.
    Also, fun fact. If you turn the phone sideways in the game screen, you can view your word lists progress while you play, so you can see what you need to find still.
  • Con: limited dictionary. I wanted to get rid of a u so spelled "rut". No go. Had an x to get rid of, went for "oxen". Nope, not allowed. And from what I've seen, one of the books in not completable, as one of the words can't be crossed off even after you get that word.
  • I love this game! I picked it up on sale a couple weeks ago and I have enjoyed it quite a bit! Now if only we cna get Bookworm Adventures...
  • I like you am not a very big fan of word games but you should definitely give this a whir. It was a lot of fun but as David said, there are a few quirks that needs to be worked out.
  • Love this game with the same gripes as David, however my biggest complaint is the game doesn't allow my iPhone to auto-lock. The game stays active (on screen) and if you forget to get out of the game you'll quickly come back to an almost depleted battery. To me this is a major flaw...or am I overlooking an option?
  • Good game, but I wish they could bring a form of Bookworm Adventures to the iPhone (or Mac), too.
  • I have played game and found all the words in the books . There is a bug as the word gold appears in 2 of the reference books and doesn't get removed when created in the game. I emailed the developers months ago , got a reply they knew of bug and would fix it. Still no update.
  • This sounds like a great game. I'll have to check it out. If you like word games and are familiar with Boggle, you might want to check out Word Warp. There's a review posted of it on
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  • It sounds like a nice game. It do will help during boring times.