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Ever want to be a flight controller? The most stressful job (so I hear) ever? Well, if you want the fun, but don't want the stress, Flight Control is the game for you.

With Flight Control, you play a flight controller who needs to guide planes in for a safe landing. You have two runways (red and yellow) and one helicopter pad (blue). As planes fly in, they are either red or yellow, indicating which runway they need to land on (helicopters can only land on the pad). Your job is to guide the planes to the appropriate runway while avoiding in-air collisions.

Sounds easy, right? Sure it is...when there are only one or two planes coming in at a time. But as time progresses, more and more planes enter the playing field, increasing the risk of close calls and collisions.

The process of guiding a plane is very simple. Simply tap the plane, and slide you finger along the path you want the plane to take. As you are creating the path, it appears as a dotted line. When you lift you finger, the planes path is "set", and it starts to follow it. Need to adjust a path? Just tap the plane and slide your finger to create a new path. Not sure you know where you want the plane to go? Draw it flying in circles or a big loop, and then come back to it later. Don't forget about a plane though! If a plane finished it's path and hasn't landed, it just keeps flying straight (pilots are sort of dumb like that).

This game is really sort of cool, and there aren't any other games out there like it. The controls are very easy, making good use of the touch screen. The game warns your of potential collisions and incoming aircraft (which are offscreen so you can't see them). As with most games, I wish there were some sort of multiplayer or competitive option, but the game can get pretty hectic on it's own. The game's difficulty increases quickly - one or two planes on the screen is fine, but with 5 or 6 planes it can be very difficult to keep track of them all.

I would love to see some different "airport" options - different layouts of runways and helicopter pads, so you could choose which airport you wanted. This would also be a good way to allow different difficulty levels. But the included airport is fun. The stats page gives you a nice rundown of your performance, including your average score, the most planes on the screen at one time, you highest score, etc.


  • New game concept,
  • easy game play


  • No multiple airports


All in all, this is a fun little game. It takes the iPhone and brings a new game concept to it (at least a concept I haven't seen before). The game design is perfect for the iPhone. At $.99 (current grand opening sale) the game is a must try. The normal price is probably going to be $2.99, and even at that price it is worth it.

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TiPb Forums Review: 4.5 Star App

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  • Come on! You could do better than the high-score of 15, eh? :D
    Happy Easter!
  • My high score is currently 86. :)
  • Just an FYI - the link at the top is to the iPro Recorder review, not Flight Control.
  • The game indeed is very cool.
    My high score is 77. It's been that for a while rofl xD
    Oh and my body releases a LOT of adrenaline when I play this game
  • I can't get past 48, the little yellow airplanes are what always get me in trouble, because I forget about them. ;)
  • The 2nd time I played it, I got 93. Don't ask me how, because I can barely get past 60 or so most of the time.
    I think I got 80 once.
    Its so addicting though.
    I always say one more game, but then when I don't beat my high score, I keep playing.
  • I am stuck at exactly 100. Great game. Well worth the money. looking at my stats, I have landed over 12,000 planes so far. good grief, I need a life.
  • Description of this game reminds me of ... Air Traffic Controller (?) way back, on the Macintosh Plus in late '80s; guiding little planes to and from airports, watching their approaches, not forgetting any of them ...
  • Doesn't this require doing a few lines of coke first... like the real controllers do?
  • This one is fun - great game. Be great if you could play with another flight controller like in real life - they take the north planes and you take the south planes, etc. I'm looking forward to Firemint's racing game later this month too.
  • My highscore is 120 (don't ask how, I've no idea) Its a brilliant game and for 59 of the Queens pence you can't go wrong!
  • Fixed, thanks!
  • I somehow got to 137 :) I'm so addicted to this game now!
  • Just bought it and it's awesome!!! Earned a place right next to the link to TiPb on my iPhone homescreen!! WTG firemint!!!! Love it!! Can't stop playing it!!
  • :D 195 MUHAHAAA
  • I too have just got 137!
  • 731.. beat that! :D
  • for the skeptics...
  • Love this game. I'm so addicted. Sneak a play whenever I can.
    @yh, I'm an Photoshop guru too. What score would you like?
  • oh yes. i'm a photoshop noob. i'd like the score 99999 since there's space for 5 digits. :)
  • You want an addictive game then check out the app HOT AIR...
  • i have an iphone 4 and when I play this game with the sound on as soon as i have a text the sounds disappears completely (even after reading the message and returning to the game)
    its only when i turn my phone off and back on again does it come back its totally strange but wondered whether anyone else had this problem?? and if possible a way to resolve it??
    please help.
  • Not sure. Did you try to remove and reinstall the app? That might help.
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