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What you need to know

  • Apple is launching subscription offer codes for developers.
  • The can be used to offer free or discounted prices for auto-renewable subscriptions.
  • They can be offered in either digital or physical form at events or with products.

Apple announced in an update on its Developer website that it will be bringing subscription offer codes to the App Store for the first time.

The offer codes will allow developers to give potential customers, current customers, and previous subscribers a one-time redemption code for apps with auto-renewable subscriptions. The codes will give customers either free or discounted access to an app for a period of time set by the developer.

Apple says that these codes can not only be distributed digitally but in the physical world as well. The codes will only, however, work for customers who use an iPhone or iPad with iOS 14 installed.

Later this year, you'll be able to acquire, retain, and win back subscribers with subscription offer codes: unique, alphanumeric codes that provide free or discounted prices for auto-renewable subscriptions. Provide your one-time use codes digitally or offline at physical events, alongside products, and more. Customers on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 and later can redeem offer codes on the App Store, through a one-time code redemption URL, or within your app if you've implemented the presentCodeRedemptionSheet API.

App Store offer codes existing in the physical world is an especially interesting idea. Companies who sell a physical product with a companion app in the App Store could get quite creative with offer codes. Developers can check out all of the details on the Developer website.

Offer codes aren't Apple's only foray into the physical world with iOS 14. The company also announced that the new update will feature App Clips, a way for users to quickly download and use part of an app without having to download the whole thing. The feature is being advertised as a better way to interact with certain things in the physical world like parking meters and small businesses.

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