Apple acknowledges MacBook Pro anti-reflective coating issues, will replace screens of those affected

Apple will begin replacing screens on select MacBook Pro units where customers had their anti-reflective coating peel off. Unlike some of Apple's other replacement offers, this one will not be made public, though Apple will be reaching out to some customers it believes are affected. For a number of reasons, the anti-reflective coating had peeled off select MacBook Pro displays. According to MacRumors:

The anti-reflective coating wearing off or delaminating has resulted from various circumstances, including the pressure of the MacBook keyboard and trackpad on the display when closed, and the use of incorrect third-party cleaning solutions with microfiber cloths. The issue often affects small areas of the screen, but sometimes encompasses the entire display.

If you believe your MacBook Pro was affected, you can schedule a Genius Bar appointment or contact a local Apple Authorized Service Provider to have them look at it. You will have three years from the original date of purchase, or one year from October 16, 2015, whichever is longer to get your screen replaced.

Source: MacRumors

Jared DiPane

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