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What you need to know

  • Apple has created a new financial report for developers.
  • The "All Countries or Regions (Detailed)" report provides new details on the sale of apps.
  • State or province information is also provided from U.S. and Canadian customers.

Developers have a lot of reporting that they can dive into through App Store Connect in order to understand their app's performance as well as its customer base.

Apple is adding a new report that developers can access through App Store Connect that will provide more detailed financial information about its customers. The company announced the new report in a blog post on its Developer website.

The "All Countries or Regions (Detailed)" report will provide developers with more details about the sales of their apps, with information like transaction and settlement dates. From customers in the United States and Canada, they will also be able to see the state or province that the person purchased the app from.

"Starting April 2020, you can get more details on the final proceeds of your apps and in-app purchases, including the transaction and settlement dates for purchases, as well as the state or province for transactions in the United States and Canada. Simply download the "All Countries or Regions (Detailed)" report in App Store Connect."

Developers can learn about the new report at Apple's Developer website.

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