Apple advises developers to submit their iOS 4.2 apps

Right after releasing iOS 4.2 GM, Apple has begun emailing developers and advising them to submit their updates for the iTunes App Store.

iOS 4.2 SDK GM seed and iOS 4.2 GM seed are now available from the iOS Dev Center. Build, test, and compile your apps with these new releases and submit them for review so they can be ready when iOS 4.2 is available to iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users.

Learn how you can add exciting iOS 4.2 features to your apps including the capability to print directly from iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. iPad apps can now take advantage of multitasking, Game Center, iAd, and more.

Hopefully some AirPrint, AirPlay, iOS 4.2 for iPad multitasking goodness is headed our way soon!