Apple field-testing iOS 5?

As we nudge closer to WWDC 2011, Apple has reportedly started to field-test iOS 5. This is based on crashlog reports received by iPhone app developer FutureTap. The crashlog didn't mention if the device was an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch but did show a device running iPhone OS 5.0, or what Apple has publicly refers to now as iOS 5.

Just received the first iOS 5.0 crash report. MKUserLocationBreadCrumb sounds interesting.

It looks like Apple has made a few changes to the location and mapping APIs used by Where To, the app FutureTap received the crashlog from. The log didn't reveal very much information outside of the unreleased OS, but it's good to see they're working hard in the background as we get closer to a summer release.

What new and exciting things are you hoping we'll see in iOS 5? Let us know in the comments below!

[@futuretap via 9to5Mac]

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