Tim Cook at the iPhone 11 Pro eventSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple has canceled its rumored March event.
  • A successor to the iPhone SE and new iPad Pro were expected to be unveiled.
  • Coronavirus concerns and production delays played roles in the decision.

Apple's rumored March event, in which the company was expected to unveil a successor to the iPhone SE and new iPad Pro, has apparently been delayed indefinitely.

Reported by Cult of Mac, a source familiar with the matter says that Apple grew "concerned" about the event after continued delays in production on the products that were supposed to be unveiled at that time.

Apple has been long rumored to release a successor to the beloved iPhone SE and a new iPad Pro, but impacts on the company's supply chain due to the spread of coronavirus have pushed back both product's release. The source who spoke to Cult of Mac said that the reason for postponing the event, at least from a product standpoint, was self-evident.

"Why have an event when the products aren't ready? It's a pretty simple decision."

Product delays weren't the only reason to cancel the event, however. Executives at the company also expressed concerns around hosting a major event at the company's headquarters soon after Santa Clara Valley, where Apple Park is located, asked companies to cancel events or hold large gatherings.

Executives were worried that it would be impossible to maintain the amount of 'social distancing' recommended by the Department of Health at the Steve Jobs Theater, Apple's venue for hosting its product announcements.

The source said that, while Apple has put together a new schedule for its events and product releases, the timeline is not "written in stone" and could change from "one day to the next".