Canada DaySource: iPhone in Canada

What you need to know

  • Apple is celebrating Canada Day on the App Store.
  • It's highlighting apps developed across Canada.

Apple is today celebrating Canada Day with a curated list of apps made by Canadian developers.

Apple states

As we look across the nation, we love to admire not only the diverse natural beauty that can be found from Halifax to Victoria but also the growing app landscape that's fuelled by innovation from coast to coast. Canadian developers are behind some of the coolest and most creative apps on the App Store right now. Here are a few locally made picks that we love.

Apple has highlighted a few features, they are:

  • True North Innovations
  • 10 Great Canadian Games - "Canada is home to some of the top game makers in the world who have crafted fun, beautiful, and award-winning games that are available on the App Store. Here are 10 of our favourites, home-grown right here in Canada."
  • Canadian Apple Arcade Games - "Apple Arcade is packed with more than 100 incredible games by some of the world's most creative developers. And many of those game creators and publishers are closer to home than you might think. Check out these incredibly fun, Canadian-developed or -published games you can play with an Apple Arcade subscription."
  • Starring Canada - "Canadians have been working in front of and behind the camera on TV shows and films for decades. Real or fictionalized, the stories they tell are funny, thought-provoking, and unforgettable. Browse these apps to dive into one now."
  • Watch Indigenous Stories Onscreen - "APTN Lumi, a streaming service for the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, provides storytellers with the opportunity to share and celebrate their Peoples, honour their Elders, and inspire the next generation with engaging shows, films, and documentaries."

Featured apps you might recognize include Hitman GO from Square Enix, and more.

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