iPhone XRSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Some iPhone XR users can't get a signal on UK carrier O2.
  • The issue appears to have been created by a software update.
  • Apple says a fix is incoming.

Apple and UK carrier O2 have confirmed that some iPhone XR users are currently unable to get a signal. But interestingly, the issue only appears to impact those with iPhone XR.

The issue prevents users from making or receiving calls, while 4G data connectivity is also impacted according to the BBC.

"We're working closely with our partners to resolve an intermittent issue affecting some of our customers using iPhone XR," an O2 spokeswoman told the BBC. "We thank any customers affected for their patience."

Apple has also said that there is a known issue and that a fix is being worked on. Unfortunately, the company isn't saying when that fix will arrive.

"We are aware of an issue causing intermittent network connectivity affecting some O2 customers, and we will have a fix in an upcoming software release," the company said.

The suspicion is that the issue was introduced via a recent software update – presumably iOS 13.3. O2 is also reportedly saying the same to customers, although it is yet to throw Apple under the bus publicly.

Apple currently has iOS 13.3.1 available in beta form but it's unclear whether that update will be rushed through to provide the fix O2 customers are so desperate for.