Apple Watch

What you need to know

  • VP Alan Dye spoke with the Hondinkee Radio podcast.
  • Conversation covered watch faces, design, and more.
  • You can listen to the episode now.

Apple still wants watch lovers to take to Apple Watch and part of that involves getting Vice President of Human Interface Design Alan Dye in front of Hodinkee. One of the most popular watch websites around, Hodinkee is where watch lovers go to read about $30,000 watches and whatnot. And now they can hear about Apple Watch on the Hodinkee Radio podcast, too.

During the interview – spotted by 9to5Mac – Dye speaks about the design of Apple Watch, watch faces, and more. It's those faces that have often come under fire from watch lovers who believe they can't compete with the finely crafted faces on pieces from the likes of Rolex, Omega, and others.

Hodinkee Radio descripes the episode thus:

The day after the Apple Watch Series 5 was announced last month in Cupertino, California, I had an opportunity to sit down with Alan at Apple Park to talk about the latest generation watch, how he sees the Watch maturing and coming into its own, and what unique design challenges the Apple Watch presents. Alan's a watch guy himself (not unlike some other folks at Apple), so we also get into the horological inspirations present in watchOS and how the Apple Watch has sparked bigger conversations about watches in the 21st century. This conversation was a blast and I've been anxious to share it with you all.

This is a great listen if you're an Apple Watch fan or just a fan of watches in general. Head on over to Hodinkee to check it out.