Tyler Mitchell Behind The MacSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple has dropped two new "Behind the Mac" videos.
  • The videos follow Tyler Mitchell and James Blake.
  • Each video follows the artist in their creative process over a 24 hour period.

Apple has posted two new "Behind the Mac" videos to its YouTube channel.

The first video highlights Tyler Mitchell, the first black photographer to shoot a cover for Vogue in the United States. The video follows Mitchell in his apartment as he shoots and edits a new series over the course of twenty-four hours.

"What can I do with the sweaters I've worn on my back." Tyler Mitchell takes us to his place in Bed-Stuy, as he works on a new portrait series using only elements from his own bedroom. Remote cameras were set up in the fashion photographer's apartment, capturing his creative process as he shot and edited the series over a 24 hour period. Digging through references, compiling a mood board, capturing the images, scanning them into his MacBook, and editing the selects in Photoshop. Putting the final touches on the portraits just before midnight.

The second video follows Grammy Award-winning artist James Blake as he writes, records, and edits a new song called "ASK FOR MORE" over a twenty-four hour period in his home.

"It feels like a dream that I'm sort of walking through and I'm able to affect what happens in it." James Blake lets us inside his brain as he writes the new song "ASK FOR MORE." Remote cameras were set up in the GRAMMY® Award winner's home studio, capturing his entire creative process as he worked on writing, recording and editing the song over a 24 hour period. From time spent crafting a melody at his piano, to looping and pitching the melody and adding layers, instruments and vocals in Logic Pro X on his MacBook, to editing it into a finished song. Completing the track just after 1am.