Apple expands Student IDs on iPhone and Watch to Canada

Apple Iphone12pro Watchseries6 Au Student Id
Apple Iphone12pro Watchseries6 Au Student Id (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple is rolling out student IDs on iPhone and Apple Watch to Canada.
  • The University of New Brunswick and Sheridan College will be the first schools to take part.
  • Apple is also adding more U.S. schools including Auburn.

Apple has today announced that it is rolling out student mobile IDs to Canada for the first time, along with more U.S. schools, later this year.

The company stated:

This school year, tens of thousands of students will be able to use mobile student IDs on iPhone and Apple Watch to get around campus and make purchases. For the first time, mobile student IDs can be added to the Wallet app in Canada, starting with the University of New Brunswick and Sheridan College this year. In the US, new schools to adopt mobile student IDs include Auburn University, Northern Arizona University, University of Maine, New Mexico State University, and many more colleges across the country.

Apple says that since April students at eligible schools have used their mobile IDs to make purchases and access campus buildings more than plastic cards, and that from the Fall the University of Alabama will be the first school to exclusively issue mobile student IDs. Jeanine Brooks, the University of Alabama's Action Card director said "Going contactless over the last year was an easy transition for us because of it. Using their UA ACT Card in Wallet has saved students — and the university — time and money. They use it to access their residence halls, recreation centers, student events, libraries, vending machines, and so much more. Students don't lose their cards, so card theft and replacement are no longer concerns or costs. Our students are thrilled with this feature."

Apple added support for IDs including driver's licenses to iOS 15 as announced at WWDC earlier this year.

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