Apple and Facebook continue to pong over Ping

Facebook CTO Bret Taylor is "very confident" Facebook and Apple will be able to come to terms on integrating Apple's social music network with Facebook's social people network.

Ping launched with Facebook Connect so you could more easily find your friends, but the service was blocked by Facebook and then pulled by Apple, with rumors following the two had been going back and forth over a deal for up to 18 months and Steve Jobs complaining Facebook wanted "onerous" terms.

While Apple improved Ping with iTunes 10.0.1's inclusion of a sidebar and the ability to Ping music you already owned from within iTunes, the service is still off to a rocky start. It remains inaccessible from a web browser when you're away from your desktop iTunes and don't have an iPhone with you (blasphemy, but it could happen), and otherwise still feels like a work in progress.

So here's the question: would heavy Facebook integration make you want to use Ping more?

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Rene Ritchie

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