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What you need to know

  • Apple has announced a brand new collection of apps to help the parents of children with autism on its App Store.
  • That's because today is World Autism Awareness Day, and April is Autism Acceptance Month.
  • Apps include Procreate for drawing and music-making app Skoog.

Apple has announced a brand new collection of apps to help the parents of children with autism on its App Store. In a press release today Apple stated:

For Autism Acceptance Day Thurs, Apr 2, Apple is highlighting helpful resources — including top apps, accessibility tips, promoting creativity, and home education help — for parents and families of neurodiverse children during this time of shelter at home and social distancing.

Apps for Autism

App Store has curated an extensive collection of useful apps to support neurodiversity and people with autism spectrum disorder. They include amazing apps to learn, play, create, communicate, and ways to share your voice with the world — including for individuals who are non-speaking. App Store will unveil the collection in the Today section on Apr 2.

Apple has unveiled apps to help in the following categories:

  • Communication
  • Life Skills
  • Games, videos and music
  • Great tools on Apple Watch

Apps include Proloquo2Go, :prose, Todo Visual Schedule, Hopster Saturday Club for kids, Sesame Street and Autism, Skoog, GarageBand, Bloom, Procreate, Calm, Streaks and a whole lot more.

All of these apps are available to download from the App Store now, and you can see the full list on the App Store preview page here!

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Apple is also collaborating with The Art of Autism nonprofit for 'Created on iPad', an online exhibition of 15 emerging artists who identify as autistic. This exhibition is now live. Apple TV's 'Inspirations' series will also feature Kayla Cromer:

"...trailblazing actor and one of the first people on the spectrum to play the role of a character on the spectrum in a major series. Cromer stars as Matilda in the Freeform comedy 'Everything's Gonna Be Okay," and will share films that have inspired her passion for acting."

Apple also reiterated its support being offered to those adjusting to remote learning and highlighted its accessibility support page for the iPad.

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