Apple goes to great lengths to prevent the smuggling of iPhone parts

Apple goes to great lengths to prevent iPhone parts from being smuggled out of the factory and leaked for everyone to see. You may think this is just standard security, but in reality, it plays out more like a movie with factory workers going as far as trying to dig a tunnel to smuggle parts out.

A new report from The Information details the measures Apple has taken to prevent smuggled iPhone parts and the crazy plans it has thwarted. Apple's focus on preventing smuggled parts began when photos of the iPhone 5c leaked in 2013. After the fact, Apple formed a team of over 30 people for "New Product Security" task force.

Eventually Apple turned to former U.S. military and intelligence agents to take up the responsibility and in the process, stopping some pretty daring smuggling attempts.

Factory workers have tried to smuggled parts using tissue boxes, crawl spaces, shoes, belt buckles, bras and more. But by far, the most crazy attempt was a tunnel workers slowly tried to dig to smuggle parts. "People were chipping away little by little at the wall 'Shawshank Redemption' style," said one person.

That's got to be one of the craziest stories we've ever heard because it's literally something out of a movie. But that's how it is with iPhone leaks. They generate so much attention even the smallest glimpse of the new design could leave the tech world in a flurry. Hence why the workers go to such great lengths to try to smuggle the parts and make a profit for themselves.

Apple has preventative measures in place like metal screenings, tamper-evident stickers and parts with serial numbers to combat this sort of thing.

That still won't stop some from attempting to smuggle parts. All that's left for them is to attempt a Mission: Impossible-type of mission.

Danny Zepeda