Apple ID on iPhoneSource: Joseph Keller/iMore

What you need to know

  • It isn't just you, Apple Mail is down.
  • Apple is aware of the issue and investigating.

Have you noticed that you can't access your iCloud Mail accounts? You aren't the only one, with Apple confirming via its System Status page that things are broken right now.

The good news? Apple is aware of the issue and it's already investigating. Apple also says that only "some users are affected" which suggests the problem might not befall you at all.

Some users are affected.

Users may be unable to access iCloud mail

I've checked and I'm told that no, this doesn't mean that everyone can go home, and again, no it doesn't mean work is canceled for the day. In that case, we better hope Apple gets its ducks in a row soon, before everyone starts to panic and the meetings get out of hand.

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