Macos Big Sur Preview Safari HeroSource: Rene Ritchie

What you need to know

  • Users who run Edge on their Mac have noticed a new message pops up.
  • Apple reminds users that they should try Safari when they open Edge.

Apple really wants you to use its Safari web browser. That goes without saying, but it now wants you to do it so much that it's going after the competition by telling Edge users to "TRY THE NEW SAFARI."

First reported by ZDNet, launching Microsoft Edge on a Mac for the first time now appears to cause a new notification to appear. In it, Apple urges people to take Safari for a spin instead of Microsoft's Internet Explorer replacement.

"TRY THE NEW SAFARI. Fast, energy efficient, and with beautiful design," the notification reads. While I haven't seen this myself, ZDNet does report that this isn't an isolated incident and has happened for multiple people. That being said, I can't replicate it myself so there does appear to be a specific trigger here. Whether that's the first launch of Edge after a macOS update or not, isn't clear.

It's also worth noting that this notification doesn't appear when you open other apps that compete with Apple's. Apple does see web browsers as a key point for privacy, however, and it could be keen to push people towards Safari to ensure its privacy features are being used wherever possible.

It's not as if, every time I open Microsoft Word, Apple taps me on the shoulder and aggressively suggests I use Pages.

It's not as if, whenever I open an Excel spreadsheet, Apple whines that I should be using Numbers.

Unlike some other browsers, Microsoft Edge is actually a great alternative to Safari and is worth checking out if Apple's browser isn't your thing. It's surprisingly good to your Mac's battery as well, but anyone in need of longevity should choose the best MacBook for battery life, too.

Have you spied this notification? Shout out below and let me know – I'd love to know what triggers it!