Apple to include panorama camera feature in iOS 5?

Nestled deep within the iOS 5 beta code lies hints at Apple planning a panorama photo feature, allowing users to capture panoramic images without the need for 3rd party apps from the App Store.

PANO_OPTION = “Take Panorama”;SAVING PANORAMA = “Saving Panorama”;CANCEL_PANO_BUTTON_TITLE = “Cancel”;

The feature isn't enabled in the current beta, and it's unclear whether developers will be able to turn it on for actual use, but this small bit of code may sound an alarm for some 3rd party panoramic app developers by adding one more category of apps that Apple is taking for themselves.

Would apps like AutoStitch Panorama and 360 Panorama become obsolete if Apple decides to roll out a native panorama feature for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch camera? Or would they see an opportunity for higher end, more professional apps like LockInfo's David Ashman and Instapaper developer Marco Arment?


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