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What you need to know

  • Apple is aware that Touch ID won't always unlock an Apple Watch after installing iOS 14.7.
  • The company says that the feature will return in an "upcoming software update."

Apple is aware that some people using an iPhone with Touch ID can't use it to unlock their Apple Watch after installing iOS 14.7 and, importantly, a fix is coming.

Having only been released to the public a day or so ago, Apple's iOS 14.7 already has a bug that's causing some consternation among those using iPhones with Touch ID. They're finding that while their fingerprint used to also unlock their Apple Watch, that's no longer the case after updating to iOS 14.7. Apple has already acknowledged the bug and says that it will be "addressed in an upcoming software update." The company hasn't said when that update will arrive, however, so let's hope people won't have to wait for iOS 15 to drop this fall.

When you have Unlock with iPhone turned on, unlocking your iPhone unlocks your Apple Watch as long as you're wearing it. An issue in iOS 14.7 affects the ability of iPhone models with Touch ID to unlock Apple Watch.

Apple says that for now at least, users should continue to unlock their Apple Watches by entering their passcode manually.

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Of course, one way around this could be to upgrade to an iPhone with Face ID seeing as this issue only seems to impact Touch ID devices. Check out our list of the best iPhone deals before you go placing any orders, though! Apple also has its iPhone 13 release just around the corner, so maybe wait for that to arrive before nabbing yourself a new iPhone.

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