Apple to launch new iPhone upgrade trade-in program with installment feature

If you want to trade in an old phone for a new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, Apple is planning to introduce a new device trade-in program that will allow you to do just that. The program is called Trade Up With Installments, and is reportedly launching today.

According to USA Today, the new Trade Up With Installments will be made available in addition to Apple's traditional iPhone Upgrade Program which lets users get credit for a new iPhone by trading in an older phone. The new Trade Up With Installments program will allow users to trade in an old iPhone, Android or Windows Phone device for a new iPhone model, but then use that credit to pay for the new phone under a 24-month installment program.

For example, if you step up from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5S, you'll pay $14.58 a month for 24 months. If you move from an iPhone 6 to a 6S, the monthly tab is $14.54. To take the most extreme example, to move from the iPhone 4 to the largest-capacity (128 GB) iPhone 6S Plus, you'll pay $35.37 a month.

There will also be the option to trade in an older phone and simply get a one-time credit towards the purchase of a new iPhone, ranging from $100 for an iPhone 4 to $350 for an iPhone 6s. Credits for Android and Windows Phone devices were not disclosed.

Apple's motivation? There are still lots of people using older iPhones who the company would like to see upgrade. According to recent remarks made by Apple CEO Tim Cook, some 60% of the current crop of iPhone owners have not yet upgraded to an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S or 6S Plus.

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Source: USA Today

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