Apple launches new program to help spotlight developers in Europe

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What you need to know

  • Apple has launched a new program on its App Store called Founders.
  • It aims to spotlight the work of lesser-known developers.
  • It is beginning in Europe and features multiple ways Apple will try to promote developer content.

Apple has today announced a new Founders program that seeks to help smaller developers in Europe by spotlighting their work.

The new program is called Founders and seeks to help raise the profile of developers by giving them editorial support and promoting their work. As reported by our friends at TechRadar:

Apple has launched a new campaign for developers in its App Store called Founders, which aims to put certain developers in the spotlight with editorial support across Europe, alongside celebrating the apps that are currently available from them.There are three developers taking part in this new initiative, such as Turborilla, Snowprint Studios, and nada studio, all of whom were picked by Apple due to their potential for growth, innovation, and how their apps can reflect the countries they're based in.

Apps from the aforementioned developers and others in the future will appear in places like stories and the 'today' tab, as well as newsletters and even social media posts. Apple is looking "to give smaller developers their due on the App Store" and to raise the profile on some projects that might otherwise be held back by limited marketing budgets. Apple's Founders page is already live in App Store Preview, featuring not three but nine different apps for the App Store. From Apple:

If you could come up with a dream idea for a new app or game, what would it be? The App Store is home to countless brilliant apps and games, all of which started out as dream ideas from creative individuals seeking to make everyday life better, easier and more fun.In this series, we highlight an awesome collection of apps and introduce you to the talented founders behind them to discover what drives them and where they get their inspiration from.

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This is great news for developers who are struggling to get traction with their work but have fantastic ideas. After all, there's no point in developing the best iPhone app ever if no one knows how to find it on the App Store.

The move is likely a nod towards swirling antitrust legislation in Europe, where the EU is trying to break open Apple's closed App Store business model. Apple can now add Founders to its growing list of reasons developers can benefit from, rather than be harmed by, its business model and approach.

Apple has made a number of shifts in recent years to try and make its App Store friendlier and more favorable to developers, mostly driven by outspoken developers and burgeoning legislation. However, there are still some pain points for developers. For instance, Apple sells search ads to rivals who can buy up the top spot in a search about a competing product.

Only three apps are included in the new initiative, so it will be interesting to see how Apple plans to grow and expand the program in the future.

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