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What you need to know

  • Apple announced HomeKit Secure Video and routers during WWDC in June.
  • Some products are starting to support those features.
  • Apple has shared an updated list of those products.

Apple has updated its list of accessories and devices that support its latest HomeKit features including HomeKit Secure Video and HomeKit routers. The features arrives as part of iOS 13.2 and now hardware is starting to catch up.

Apple's updated list was first spied by HomeKit Hero (via 9to5Mac) and includes manufacturers like Linksys, Eero, and Logitech.

Apple HomeKit Secure Video is perhaps the feature that is getting the most love from third-party manufacturers right now and Apple's new list includes the eufycam 2, eufycam 2C, Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera, and Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera. The Robin ProLine Doorbell is announced as having the feature in the works, while Logitech Circle 2 users can already take HomeKit Secure Video for a spin if they're happy to use Logitech's beta firmware.

HomeKit Secure Video has the potential to be a big deal if you're someone who doesn't want your video recordings to be sent to other companies, With the feature enabled, all recordings are saved in iCloud and never reach the manufacturer of the camera that's being used. It also has the added benefit of making the whole thing manageable via the Home app.

On the router side of things, it's less impressive. Apple currently lists Eero and Eero Pro products as well as the Linksys Velop Mess WiFi System. But that's it and this is likely to be the corner of HomeKit that sees the least attention. Which is a shame because it makes firewall and device management much easier.

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