Apple Maps 'Look Around' feature expands to Los Angeles

Apple Maps Look Around
Apple Maps Look Around (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple Maps Look Around is expanding to Los Angeles.
  • Look Around lets users take a street perspective view for the location they are looking up.
  • Los Angeles follows New York City as the second major metropolis to get support for Look Around this week.

With the rollout of iOS 13, Apple added the 'Look Around' feature for Apple Maps that took a page out of Google Maps' Street View allowing users to take a 360-degree view of most major streets within a city. Unfortunately, the feature was only offered for a few select cities, but Apple has expanded support to a new major city.

Look Around support is now offered for the Los Angeles region, including the central hub Downtown Los Angeles. Users in the L.A. area will have access to street information from Burbank down to Long Beach. It also goes all the way to the coast covering Santa Monica Beach and goes as far east as Pomona. It does not quite reach the Orange County region yet.

Users in Los Angeles can access the feature by tapping on the binoculars that appear when you search a location within the supported region. Or if you zoom in enough, the binoculars will appear under the information and location buttons at the top right corner of Apple Maps.

Apple says Look Around will expand to more cities throughout the end of 2019 and into 2020. It just rolled out support for New York City earlier this week and with Los Angeles in the fray, it has the two biggest cities in the country covered. Those are big additions on top of the Bay Area, Las Vegas and a few parts of Hawaii that were initially offered.

Danny Zepeda